Greater Susquehanna Valley talks healthy living

SHAMOKIN DAM—There’s no better season to talk about healthy living, according to the Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce. Over 50 local chamber members, business owners, and community members gathered Thursday to tout ‘made in the valley moments’ with special emphasis on health care. Nurse Kim Rankin of Geisinger HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital detailed her experiences as a health care professional.

“I think as nurses, we live the experience with our patients, so it allows me the opportunity to really just share with the community members the value of the benefits that exist at the rehabilitation hospital. So, I think that firsthand experience lends a different perspective on what it’s like to be a patient in that setting.”

In honor of National Stroke Awareness Month, Rankin stressed the hospital’s stroke program. She said that recovery is tough, but the program offers everything from cognitive support to post-stroke vocational evaluations. Rankin said that watching patient progress was one of the most rewarding aspects of her work.

“It’s just a quality of life opportunity to take patients who have had challenges in their lives and things that have made their lives very limited as far as some of their functions and just help them to grow and become stronger and we turn to their communities.”

Christina Major, owner of Crystal Holistic Health Consulting, said healthy living doesn’t need to start at post-stroke rehabilitation. To avoid a trip to the hospital, she said getting fresh vegetables from local farmers markets supports the local economy and improves health. (Carrie Haines)




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