VIDEO HERE: Green Bridge open in Selinsgrove

SELINSGROVE — Many motorists breathed a sigh of relief Friday morning as PennDOT opened the Green Bridge.   A lane on the bridge has been closed since April, leaving vehicles to use a detour says Steve Smith of Susquehanna Supply Company.  “We reconstructed the whole surface and the sidewalk has new concrete and new barriers.”

Many drivers, like Jennifer Sulouff of Northumberland, are just happy both lanes are finally open.  She says the detour wasn’t always the most convenient.  “There was a lot of traffic with the detour and it just kind of ate up your gas,” says Sulouff. “It will definitely be easier now.”

Businesses in the immediate area are happy too.  Paul Gower is manager of Quick Lane at Selinsgrove Ford and says the closure effected some business.  “We were right at the detour so people had to go around to come here, which was an extra two to three miles.  I think it effected every business in the area, our business was down a little, but we survived.”

There is work still to be done on the sidewalk over the bridge.  PennDOT said it may lead to a few short delays, but they do not plan for any more road closures during the work. (Sara Bartlett)

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