Hanger looks to unseat Corbett

SUNBURY — It looks like Governor Corbett has some competition.  Democrat John Hanger is planning to run for Governor in the next primary.  Hanger is a former Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.  His campaign stresses the four “E’s”:  Education, Economy, Energy, and Environment.

In a quick overview of some of the issues he supports, Hanger said, “I support a drilling tax.  I oppose gas drilling on state parks.  I support taking the $4-billion per year from the federal government, it’s your tax money that’s going down to D.C., I would bring it back so that it could be spent on local hospitals.  I support doing something about our bridges and roads.  I support making sure that public education is appropriately funded at the state level.  We would in fact reverse the $1-billion of cuts that this governor has made.”

Hanger said he does not support many of Corbett’s decisions.  “I oppose the lottery privatization.  He is fixing something there that is not broken.  One of the problems with this Governor is that he is constantly trying to fix things that are not broken,” he said.

He said he is prepared to lead Pennsylvania by championing public education, a growing economy, clean energy and a quality environment. You can learn more about him and his campaign at www.HangerForGovernor.com. (Codi Jade)hanger2



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