Harrisburg councilman vying for Lt. Governor

UNDATED — A Harrisburg city councilman is hoping to be Pennsylvania’s next Lieutenant Governor. Democrat Brad Koplinski says he has the experience for the position, “I came to Pennsylvania to run John Kerry’s campaign in 2004, I was in the auditor general’s department for a couple of years, I ran Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Central Pennsylvania, I was Arlen Specter’s political director statewide. It is a benefit to us because we have been working statewide throughout the Commonwealth building relationships for years.”

Koplinski says he would be pleased to work with any of the democratic candidates for governor, “I think they are all better than Mr. Corbett. I think they all have better priorities. They each have their own thing they would bring to the ticket, but in the end, their priorities focus on education and jumpstarting our economy, which I think are the two main things we should work on.”

Koplinski is one of five candidates vying for a democratic spot on the ballot, to face incumbent republican Jim Cawley. (Sara Bartlett)




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