Harvard dad talks about Boston lockdown

SELINSGROVE — As the entire Boston area is being asked to stay inside, Harvard University is no exception.  Steven Briggs, Susquehanna University football coach, said the situation hit home when his wife got a text message from their son.


“I looked at her, and her face was white,” he said.  “We had no idea.  He just said that it’s crazy.. they got a text that said practice is canceled, don’t leave your dorm room.. more information to follow, that sort of thing.”


Their son, Cory, is a football player at Harvard.  Briggs said, “It hits home when your kid is involved. I’m sure he is safe and I’m sure everyone is safe now based on what we’re seeing, but this is terrorism and it’s effecting.  It’s just been a very strange week.”


Briggs was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program Friday.  You can hear that full program online at WKOK.com.  (Codi Jade)

Friday 04-19-13




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