Heated commissioner meeting in Northumberland County

SUNBURY — It was a rowdy Northumberland County commissioner public meeting Tuesday and this time the police were called.  During the public comment portion of the meeting, Dave Kaleta of Shamokin was given two minutes to give comments.

After two minutes, Clausi pounded the gavel and told Kaleta to sit down.  Kaleta refused and kept talking.  Clausi warned Kaleta to sit down, but eventually called a security guard to escort Kaleta from the meeting room.  Kaleta again refused to sit down or leave and the guard told Kaleta he would have to call the police. It’s not clear if the police responded.

Last year, Kaleta filed suit against the county after he claims to have received a letter refusing him access to the Anthracite Outdoor Adventure Area. Kaleta said Clausi was retaliating against him for being critical of the off-road vehicle park.

Following the meeting, Commissioner Clausi released a statement to the media calling Kaleta’s statements “unsubstantiated allegations.”  He adds that if anyone chooses to share Kaleta’s allegations then Clausi will “pursue whatever legal means are at disposal against Kaleta and the media.” (Ali Stevens)





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