Helicopters used to spray for black flies

HARRISBURG – If you hear a helicopter above, it may just be the Department of Environmental Protection spraying the area to control the black fly population. The aerial spray program began this week using a bacterium that quickly dissolves and doesn’t harm fish, birds or other insects.


The goal is to reduce the black fly population for a more enjoyable outdoor experience during the warmer months. From now through August, 45 rivers and streams spanning more than 1,500 miles will be treated.


In our area, spraying in Northumberland County will include the Susquehanna River and Mahantango Creek. In Snyder County, the Susquehanna River will be sprayed along with Middle Creek and Penns Creek. In Union County, Penns Creek will be sprayed along with the West Branch of the Susquehanna River. (Ali Stevens)




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