Help keep the Susquehanna clean

SUNBURY — As spring is in full swing, there are many things to do on the river.  Zach Stotter, founder and coordinator of the Susquehanna River Cleanup Project, believes cleaning can be the most rewarding.


Stotter said keeping the river clean is important, and everyone can help.  “I think there’s a lot of people around who care about the environment, but there’s not always something you can do to take out the pollution such as chemicals coming from plants.  What you can do, physically, is take out the garbage.”


Stotter said this May will be the second year for the cleanup, and everyone is welcome to help.  “Volunteers will be given a particular region to clean,” he said.  “I go out before and set up signs along the river that say region 1, region 2, etc.  People go out and park their kayak on the area they are assigned to, and will do a cleanup.  They put their garbage bags along the shoreline and then folks with motorboats will be coming along and picking them up to be recycled.


The cleanup will be May 4 on the lower West Branch of the Susquehanna.  Kayaks will be supplied for volunteers who need them.  You can find more information, and sign up to volunteer for the Susquehanna River Cleanup Project, at  Stotter was a guest on WKOK’s On The Mark Program Wednesday.  You can hear that program online at  (Codi Jade)




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