High-speed chase, and an arrest, on Route 15


MILTON – Speeds exceeded 90-miles per hour on Route 15 Friday afternoon as state troopers chased a man ‘from our region’ who was fleeing from troopers. The incident ended when police used what they called a ‘pit manuver’ to crash the man’s truck. He was stopped on Crossroads Drive, still resisted and was subdued with the help of an electroshock weapon.


No police were injured but two police cars were damaged. The man was initially treated at Evangelical Community Hospital in Lewisburg, and then flown to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. No medical treatment or condition report is available because the man’s name is not yet disclosed by police.


They say he is from ‘this region’ and was being held in the hospital overnight for treatment and evaluation. They say when he is out of the hospital later today, he’ll face a series of charges including aggravated assault and DUI.


Troopers say it began around 3:30pm, they clocked the man going 78 miles per hour in a 55 zone. He initially stopped, but then took off as the officer approached the vehicle. They say he fled at high speeds, forcing oncoming traffic off the road, and passing other cars on the shoulder of the road. He fled on Old Route 15, then ended up on Crossroads Drive.


He was driving what police described as an older Dodge Dakota pick-up truck, and they used three crash-causing maneuvers to finally get the truck to run up an embankment. He was traveling west on Crossroads Drive, troopers spun the truck around one time, and he fled east, then was spun around again, and went west, only to be crashed again, just west of JPM Road.





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