Historic restoration of Snyder County clock

MIDDLEBURG– The clock in the Snyder County clock tower will be working again by the end of this year.

Snyder County Commissioner Malcolm Derk said,” The county approved a contract through Rodgers Clock Service out of Linglestown to repair the clock tower at the county courthouse. It’s a clock with four different faces so it’s one that has been temperamental and hasn’t been working properly in the last few years.”

The county recently approved the $6,700 contract. Derk spoke about a donation made from within the county saying, ” We also are fortunate to have members from the Beaver Springs community. They had a bicentennial and decided to donate $500 towards this project.”

The clock tower of the Snyder County Courthouse was a gift to Middleburg back in 1915 by former House Representative G. Alfred Schoch during a major courthouse renovation. ( Sarah Lagerman)

Snyder County Clock



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