Historical tour celebrating Union County’s Bicentennial

LEWISBURG – A historical tour of eastern Union County will take place on Sunday as part of Union County’s ongoing Bicentennial Celebration. This is part one of a three part series on the historic sites featured on the tour.


The Historic Ramblings Tour begins Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and one of the stops is the Tuscan Villa, which was built in 1856 in Lewisburg. Sue Pugliese of the Bicentennial Committee says those who visit can tour the entire property.


She said, “If you want to see a fabulous view of the Valley, you can go there and climb to the fourth floor. They are also allowing people to go through the carriage house and the Villa itself, which has been restored. The project is close to being complete.”


Another stop will be the White Deer Train Station. Joannah Skucek of the Bicentennial committee talked about the unique site. She said, “It will not only be a review of the history of the train station, but we have a reenactor there who will be reenacting the widow Catherine Smith. She was a significant character in the Revolutionary War. She set up a gun-boring mill in White Deer. Her mill was very important to the Revolutionary War efforts.”


Skucek also talked about another stop at Groves Mill. She said, “It’s the only water powered mill still operating in Pennsylvania. It’s three stories of equipment and machinery that is all operated by a water wheel that is powered by the water of Buffalo Creek.”


You can find out about more of the stops along the Historic Ramblings tour tomorrow on WKOK and online at www.wkok.com. You can purchase tickets for the tour at a number of businesses in Lewisburg including the Susquehanna River Valley Visitors Bureau and the Lewisburg Hotel. You can also call the Union County Historical Society about the tour on Sunday from 11:30 to 4:30 p.m. Their number is 524-8738. Be sure to tune in to WKOK tomorrow to hear more about the stops along the Historic Rambling Tour as we celebrate Union County’ Bicentennial. (Ali Stevens)




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