Hospital responds to fiscal health concerns

SUNBURY — Following a new report that shows SunburyCommunityHospital is among the worst in the state when it comes to fiscal health, a hospital spokesman says that doesn’t affect their quality of care.


Bruce Marion is Director of Marketing/Public Relations at SunburyCommunityHospital.  He said SCH “provides quality care to patients while carefully managing fiscal operations. Patient, employee and physician satisfaction with our hospital has grown significantly over the past several years.”


Marion said the report does not reflect the positive strides they’ve made in facility improvements, which include a new emergency room and advanced technology.

“Our staff is committed to our mission to provide excellence in personalized and compassionate care. We are proud of our employees and the quality care they provide to every patient,” Marion said.  “In recognition of our many efforts and improvements, SunburyCommunityHospital was chosen by the Pennsylvania Business Central Magazine editorial board as a Top 100 Organization making a positive impact in Central Pennsylvania.”


The report was released by the Pennsylvania Healthcare Cost Containment Council.  It showed Sunbury Hospital as being in the lowest of 168 examined general acute-care hospitals across the state.  SunburyHospital’s 2012 operating margin was -32.83 percent. Only ShrinersHospital for Children in Philadelphia was lower.  You can read the report online at  (Ali Stevens/Codi Jade)

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