House and Senate impasses hurts the country

WASHINGTON – The US House and Senate are struggling to pass important legislation because they can’t agree on anything in Washington. Senator Pat Toomey is frustrated with the lack of work being completed. He recently had a bill, requiring background checks on all teachers, bus drivers and school employees, held up in committee, despite overwhelming support.


Toomey said, “Whether it’s legislation like this, which has extremely broad bi-partisan support, whether it’s the work I do with Senator Casey in ensuring that the vacancies on our federal bench are filled with people who will serve us well as judges, whether it’s budgetary issues or other areas, I am always looking for common ground.”


Toomey continued, “We can spend our time arguing about the things we disagree on, but that’s a waste of time. I like to look for areas where there should be common ground and try to build on that.” He says just a little “give” on both sides could make a big difference. “If we could do that, even in small ways. We’ve had some successes but not nearly enough. So, I’m looking to build on modest successes so that we can break this impasse and get back to being a little productive.”


Toomey said his strong political views have not stopped him from looking for common ground and that’s what he thinks senators and house members ought to be doing. Toomey was a guest on WKOK’s Sunrise program. You can listen to his comments online at (Ali Stevens)




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