How EPA regulations effect local farmers

LEWISBURG — When does government regulation become over regulation?  That was the topic recently discussed during a joint forum of the greater Susquehanna Valley and Central Pennsylvania Chambers of Commerce.
Farmer Jim Brubaker of Buffalo Valley Farms in Union County says there are some regulations which farmers think go too far.  “EPA is telling us that we are going to need to set aside 20%, or 600,000 acres, of prime ag-land and not harvest, till or plant.  That will be a huge impact for us and we see it as an overreach.”
Brubaker says many of the regulations revolve around preserving the Chesapeake Bay, and in that respect they have made many great strides.  “Agriculture has done more than any other industry to clean up the Chesapeake Bay, EPA will admit that.  Today you can rest assure that every spread or load of manure that is produced in Pennsylvania is accounted for.  That’s in reality what are regulations are about.”
Brubaker also says successes have been that Pennsylvania is a leader in no-till farming practices and also reducing the amount of phosphorous they use in soil. (Sara Bartlett)



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