Icy fun in Lewisburg

LEWISBURG — The 10th Annual Heart of Lewisburg Ice Festival kicked off Friday.  Along with late night shopping, musical performances and dancing, visitors to downtown Lewisburg got to watch some ice carvers creating their masterpieces.

Gary Glenn was hard at work yesterday afternoon.  He talked about his icy creation.  “They’re polar bears, which kind of fits the theme of the weather today,” he said.  “It’s cold.  We’ve had great winter so far, but it’s not too cold for you all to come out and see it.”

Glenn has been sculpting at the Lewisburg festival for 8 years now.  While he’s made many unique sculptures throughout the years, his favorite creations are thrones.  He said, “People like to have interaction with the ice.  They like touching it.  They like sitting on it.  They like to get their photos.  So, I really like to make a nice interactive piece, like a throne.”

You can see Glenn’s polar bears, along with many more ice sculptures in downtown Lewisburg today.  There will also be a pancake breakfast, Frosty 5K, games in the park, a chili cook off,  chocolate lovers festival and more.  See the whole list of Lewisburg Ice Festival events online at wkok.com.  (Codi Jade)



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