Impact councils formed by United Way

SUNBURY – The Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way has formed six councils to help address their six Priorities for Impact in the communities that we live in. Those Priorities for Impact include drug and alcohol abuse, poverty, public transportation, a need for positive social opportunities for at-risk teens, accessibility to quality early childhood education and acceptance of diversity.


Sara Lauver is community investment director for the United Way. She said, “These councils are new for United Way. We opened it up to the community and we have seen a lot of enthusiasm from the community in terms of wanting to get involved. Each of these councils focuses on one of the Priorities for Impact and we are forming councils around each of those priorities. They are working on any type of solution that could help us address those community identified needs.”


Lauver is pleased with the results so far. She said, “It’s really one of the proudest things that we are doing right now as an organization because we come back from these meetings and we are blown away by the ideas that are coming out of them and the passion. The councils were only supposed to meet quarterly and pretty much all of the councils, because of the momentum and the energy behind them, have all agreed to meet more regularly to try to keep that momentum going.”



Lauver says more people are needed to get involved in the Impact Councils. To find out more, you can contact the Greater Susquehanna Valley United Way by calling 570-988-0993. (Ali Stevens)




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