Important tips for protecting personal tech information

kimkUNDATED – Last week several celebrities had their iPhones hacked, with inappropriate photos being stolen and released.   Now, the FBI is investigating, but Digital Pro Kim Komando, whose show airs on WKOK Saturday mornings, says this could happen to anyone with an Apple device and the iCloud, “iCloud is Apple’s service for easily uploading, backing up and sharing photos and other information from your Mac, iPhones and iPads.”

Komando says for hackers, breaking into personal accounts can be simple, starting with getting an email address, “Once the hacker gets an email address, he would put it into iCloud and then take advantage of a problem in the Find My iPhone app.  The flaw allowed the hacker to brute force celebrity passwords.  That means the hacker’s computer tried millions of passwords very quickly until it found one that worked.”

So what can be done to make sure you stay as safe as possible on your electronic devices?  Komando says, “Make sure you have a strong password that is more than eight characters; ten is better.  The longer and more random the password, the harder it is for a computer to guess it.  Also, make sure you have a unique password for every account.  That way, if a hacker gets your email address and password, they don’t automatically get access to every single account that you have.  Upgrade your account security questions, because if the answer is something easy for a hacker to guess or find out with a little research, then you aren’t very safe.”

Komando says also, use common sense, “Anything you do on your phone, tablet or computer can make its way online and become public.  Photos, embarrassing texts messages and even sensitive financial information can be stolen, so be very careful about how you use your tech.”

Komando also warns that following security breaches like this, it is possible for scammers to come out of the woodwork.  In this case, it could mean fake calls from Apple asking for personal information in order to “fix” what went wrong.  She reminds people to be very careful about giving out any personal information.  You can hear Kim Komando every Saturday starting at 10:06a.m. on Newsradio 1070 WKOK. (Sara Bartlett)




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