Improving service for those seeking unemployment

HARRISBURG – The state is taking steps to help improve customer service for those seeking unemployment compensation. Senator John Gordner (R-27th, Berwick) says the House and Senate Labor and Industry committees had a hearing on Tuesday on the unemployment compensation service centers.


Gordner said, “There has been an issue for four to six months now in regard to folks that need to file their unemployment compensation claim not being able to get through to the service centers and be processed quickly.”


He says there has been a dramatic rise in the number of calls to the service centers. Gordner said, “Calls went from about 800-thousand back in July to over 8-million in November and December. We want to take a look at the system and see what the secretary is doing in order to make the system work better.”


At the hearing, Gordner said there were a lot of good questions asked and some good answers given and they will have to continue to monitor the situation. Gordner says there are now three ways to start an unemployment compensation claim. You can file your claim on the Internet, use the phone system at a Careerlink facility, or a dedicated fax system, which you can find out more by contacting Senator John Gordner. (Ali Stevens)




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