Is the snow really coming?

SUNBURY – Many schools have already dismissed early, but is this snow actually coming our way?  AccuWeather Meteorologist Dave Samuel says, yes.  He said we can expect the major snow to start around 2:00p.m. today.


“It’s going to snow pretty hard, it looks like, and it’s going to mix with sleet,” Samuel said.  “We’re not looking at a lot of snow, a few inches here, but the roads are going to be bad with this sleet mixing in for the afternoon and evening commute.”


Wednesday is the official start of spring, but that doesn’t mean the winter weather ends there.  Samuel said March is generally a snowy month in our area, so a snowy forecast is not out of the ordinary.  He said there is a chance we could see another storm next Monday .


“Behind this storm will be a blast of cold air, and temperatures will be very cold through the end of the week,” he said.  “So, if we do get precipitation Sunday or Monday, it will likely be snow.  It’s just a question of where does the storm system track it, and how much does it develop before it reaches our area.”


Samuel said travel conditions will be less than good this afternoon and evening, but conditions should improve overnight.  You can see the full forecast, as well as a list of Winternet Announcements online at  (Codi Jade)




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