Joshua Snook pleads guilty to homicide

MIDDLEBURG – A Sunbury man has pleaded guilty to murdering his grandmother in Snyder County in February of last year. 28-year-old Joshua Snook was in court today and pleaded guilty as part of a plea agreement. Judge Michael Hudock has not yet approved the plea deal, which includes 20 to 60-years in prison for Snook. Sentencing has been deferred.


Snook was facing trial on charges including criminal homicide, aggravated assault and burglary for the death of his grandmother, 71-year-old Bonnie Snook. Police say Joshua Snook stabbed his grandmother multiple times in her kitchen at her home in Beaver Township. He also stabbed his grandfather, 72-year-old Dale Snook, who survived the attack. Joshua Snook’s wife, 31-year-old Jennifer Snook, is being held in prison, charged with second-degree murder.


Police say she drove her husband to the home where the murder took place. The couple were apparently at a bar in Northumberland before the attack and Joshua Snook got into a fight with a man in the bar. Police say Snook and his wife then drove to his grandparent’s home to get a gun to scare the man in the bar. Snook then fought with and stabbed his grandparents. Police say his 9-year-old son was inside the home during the attack. (Ali Stevens)




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