Judge rejects motion for Kurt Keiper

MIDDLEBURG – President Judge Mike Sholley has rejected a post-sentence motion from Kurt Keiper, who claimed his sentence should be reduced because it was too harsh. Keiper was sentenced in November of 2012 to 12 ½ to 78 years in state prison and was ordered to pay over $500,000 in restitution to his victims.

Keiper’s victims were customers of his former business, Summit Transport Services of Middleburg. Keiper was found guilty of taking customers’ money to buy and deliver various vehicles for them, but failing to make the deliveries and not returning the money. Keiper was apprehended near Durango, Colorado in September of 2012. He was convicted on 13 felony counts.

District Attorney Mike Piecuch said he was very pleased that Judge Sholley affirmed Keiper’s sentence since he orchestrated the largest enterprise of criminal fraud in Snyder County history. He said he doubts the victims should expect to have the restitution paid anytime soon, but hopes they will get some consolation in knowing that Keiper will be locked away for a long time. (Ali Stevens)




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