Judge upholds sentence for Lewisburg mom

SUNBURY — A Lewisburg woman will get no mercy from a Northumberland County judge.  Judge Charles H. Saylor decided he will not shorten the sentence of the mother that left her infant home alone for hours in a hot room, resulting in the child’s death.

On Thursday, Saylor issued an order outlining his decision to uphold the 12 to 60 year state prison term he gave 30-year-old Heidi S. Yocum in January.  Yocum pled guilty to misdemeanor endangering the welfare of children for the death of her 1-year-old daughter, Aneela Loner.

The infant died from hyperthermia in October 2010.  Within a 7-page document, Saylor outlined the many reasons he denied Yocum’s request for post-sentence relief.  On page four he said, “The consequences of her failure to follow any normal maternal instinct on the day and evening in question resulted in a tragic outcome for a helpless one-year-old child.”

Yocum now has the right to appeal within 30 days of this order.  She also has the right to apply for bail.  (Codi Jade)saylor



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