Teen mob being busted in Sunbury

SUNBURY — Sunbury Police continue their investigation into multiple assaults near the Shikellamy Middle/High School building and arrests begin today for those involved. Sunbury Police Corporal Jamie Quinn said she has begun filing charges against several students involved.


Sunbury Police Chief Stephen Mazzeo said, “We have worked positively with the Shikellamy School District on multiple levels to resolve this issue. Sunbury Police and the city of Sunbury are very committed to anti-bullying and providing a safe environment for our children. Currently we are in the middle of a lengthy investigation to resolve a series of assaults and to put some of these individuals into the criminal justice system.”


Mazzeo says this is not necessarily a gang, but a group of kids looking to fight. Mazzeo said, “I think Corporal Quinn described it as a mob mentality. That’s probably a closer analysis, unlike a traditional gang that you would see in the larger cities and that we have seen in other parts of the Valley.”


Police have found incriminating evidence on YouTube videos, Facebook and text messages. Mazzeo said, “Critical to this is the ability of these children to access Facebook and YouTube. It is critical that parents obtain their children’s Facebook passwords and monitor their children’s Facebook activities. Several of these fights have been predetermined on Facebook. They have been set up ahead of time.”



The investigation is ongoing. Sunbury Police ask that anyone with information related to these assaults contact Corporal Jamie Quinn at 286-4584. (Ali Stevens)




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