Keithans Gardens: A unique treasure

SUNBURY — While many of us drive past it every day, not everyone takes the time to stop and smell the roses — or the number of exotic shrubs — planted within Keithans Gardens.


Beth Kremer, Sunbury elected treasurer, is coordinator for Keithans Gardens.  She said the garden is a unique Sunbury treasure.  “There’s all kinds of shrubs from all over the world, because Mr. Keithan wanted things there that were different.  We have things in KeithansGardens that they don’t even have in LongwoodGardens.  It may not be quite as big, but it’s certainly beautiful,” she said.


Part of the reason the garden stays beautiful year after year is because of its caretakers.  Husband and wife team Paul and Lane Murray work to keep the garden rejuvenated.   Paul said it is worth the hard work.  “The fruit of our labor is to have people come, during the summer when it’s blooming, so we can share it with people.  In another month it is going to be wall to wall flowers, and we want all the people in the area to come visit us there.”


KeithansGardens is available to rent for social occasions and weddings, but is also a free spot for picnics and strolls. You can find more information by going to, click on Parks and Public Property, and then click on Keithans Bluebird Gardens.  Kremer and the Murrays were guests on WKOK’s On The Mark program last week.  You can hear that program online at  (Codi Jade)





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