Keller explains redistricting’s impact locally


SELINSGROVE — Now that the state Supreme Court decided to uphold a revised plan to redraw the boundaries of Pennsylvania’s legislative districts, how will it impact our region? State representative Fred Keller talked about the changes that will take place in Union and Snyder County.


Keller explained, “In Union County, the 85th District loses Gregg and White Deer Townships and Garth Everett will be the representative there. In Snyder County, the 85th District will lose Chapman, Union and Washington Townships and the borough of Freeburg. They will go to the 108th District, which in Snyder County, is already Monroe Township and Shamokin Dam borough.”


He says he will gain another area of Snyder County. Keller said, “The 85th District will pick up the balance of Snyder County going west. Currently the western border of Snyder County roughly follows Route 104, but not exactly. I will now pick up Perry, West Perry, Franklin and Adams Townships along with Middleburg Borough. I will also add Beaver, West Beaver and Spring Township and Beavertown, Beaver Springs and McClure boroughs.”


Legislative redistricting is done every 10 years based on the census results. The new boundaries will take effect for Pennsylvania’s 203 House districts and 50 Senate districts beginning with the 2014 elections. (Ali Stevens)




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