VIDEO HERE: Extension for tire burner

LEWISBURG — Local leaders want to give the public more time to speak up.  Following a DEP public meeting Thursday night concerning the White Deer tire burning project, State Representative Fred Keller (R-85, Middleburg) held a press conference Friday.  He explained there will be a 90 day extention to allow the public more time to review the project.

Watch a portion of the press conference here:

Keller said having a tire burning plant in White Deer Township is a large public concern, and the public needs more time to provide input.

“The one thing we want to make sure is, we were looking for an extended period of time for public input and comment before the permit would be final.  Our agreement on that is that we would like to see 90 days.  We would like to see a 90-day extension,” Keller said.  “In doing so, there was also a concern about the availability of documents to review.  We wanted DEP to make them available closer to residents.”

Keller, along with Union County Commissioners and White Deer Township Supervisors have pushed DEP to make the records available.  They can be reviewed at the Union County Library.  The tire burner is planned to be the energy source for National Gypsum Corporation via En-Tire Logistics.  Environmentalists have argued that burned tires can release up to 60 chemicals into the air.  (Codi Jade)





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