Kindergarten student safe after walking away from elementary school

SUNBURY — A kindergarten student at Grace S. Beck Elementary School in Sunbury is safe after she walked away from school Wednesday morning.  Shikellamy School District superintendent Patrick Kelley says the student was in the school’s cafeteria just before 11:30a.m. when she asked to use the bathroom.  She was permitted to go and reportedly walked out of the school’s front door instead.

The young girl then walked a mile to Weis Markets on 4th Street.  The girl was noticed missing from her classroom immediately and after searching the school, the police were called.  Surveillance video shows the child walking out of the door.  As Sunbury Police were responding to the school’s inquiry, officials at Weis Markets notified police that there was an unsupervised young girl at the store.  She was taken by Sunbury Police back to the elementary school.  She did not sustain any injuries.

Kelley says it was an “unfortunate incident,” but that it has prompted talk of changes in the school’s security.  He says there are currently five cameras at Beck Elementary and they are hoping to add more.  In addition, Kelley says there is a possibility they will also be able to add a door alarm system, which would alert the school when the doors are open or ajar. (Sara Bartlett)




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