Kymberley Best will run for commissioner

SUNBURY — Former Northumberland County chief clerk and assistant solicitor Kymberley Best has announced she will run for commissioner in 2015. The Sunbury attorney says she has had enough of county politics.


Best said, “Ever since I have left my position with the county, I’ve paid close attention to what is going on inside the county and how it affects county employees and the courts. I live across the street from the county courthouse and I work in there everyday as an attorney. It’s leading me to be very concerned about the systematic dismantling of the court process, of court efficiency and the low morale of all county employees.”


When it comes to the court system, Best said the main problems plaguing the county are the lack of staff, which has caused the efficiency level to drop off. She said the District Attorney’s office not having an investigator slows down criminal trials and said assistant D.A.’s are “maxed out” on their case load, so they can’t move the cases through the process effectively.



Best says she is opposed to row officer’s salaries being cut. WKOK asked her if she would be able to work with Commissioner Vinny Clausi if she was elected and he was re-elected. Best said, “No. I would not be able to work with him. Obviously, if he decides to run and he’s a part of the board of commissioners, he is there. He will continue to be able to speak and vote as he chooses, but I have tried to work with him in the past and it’s become an impossibility to work with Commissioner Clausi. I think that’s sort of the general consensus for most professionals that have attempted to work with him.” (Ali Stevens)




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