LARA changes name, continues programs

LEWISBURG – The Lewisburg Area Recreation Authority is changing its name, but not its schedule.  LARA has decided to embrace its broader communities, by becoming the Buffalo Valley Recreation Authority.


Katie Davis is the organization’s director.  She said while the activities and facilities used to be confined to Lewisburg, they have expanded.  “The reason for the change is just to broaden the areas that we are reaching out to.  We’ve grown a lot over the last 10 years, so our name change sort of reflects that,” she said.


With the popularity of the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail, the organization has been acquiring members from as far away as Lancaster.  Davis said they hope to appear more inviting to visitors. “For people that are coming from different areas, rather than seeing Lewisburg in the title, Buffalo Valley is a much bigger, broader area, and it seems a little more welcoming.  That was one of our goals with the name change,” she said.


Under the new name, they will continue their former LARA programs and add a few more.  The BVRA has plans to include increased community building activities at the pool.  They will be offering their first ever Running Class on the Buffalo Valley Rail Trail from March through May.  They will also introduce a Moon Walk on April 25, and a Star Gazing evening on May 11.  This year’s Summer Camp will also include a new Counselor in Training program for older kids.  Your furry friends need not worry, the Dog Park and Tails to Trails will also return.


The name change was approved by the Boards of LARA, East Buffalo Township and the Lewisburg Borough Council.  The organization will become the BVRA effective March 20.  You can still find event information at   (Codi Jade)




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