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HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Democratic lawmakers say the Corbett administration’s move to privatize Pennsylvania Lottery management is shrouded in secrecy and creating a corporate giveaway for the sole bidder. Senate Democrats are asking for an unredacted copy of the proposed agreement between the state and Camelot Global Services and a full explanation of the scope of expanded lottery gambling under it. House Democrats say the proposed agreement would ensure that Camelot stands to reap hundreds of millions of dollars in profits that otherwise would go to programs for the state’s seniors for their prescription drugs, transportation, property taxes and rent. Gov. Tom Corbett says he’s exploring privatization of the lottery management to see if a private company can boost lottery revenue for the state’s growing elderly population.


PITTSBURGH (AP) – University of Pittsburgh trustees have approved raises for seven top administrators that range from 3.3 to 15 percent for coming year. The raises were approved Tuesday morning. Chancellor Mark Nordenberg’s salary will increase 3.3 percent, to $580,000. He didn’t accept a raise last year. Amy Marsh, the chief investment officer, got a 15 percent raise, bringing her salary to $405,000. Provost Patricia Beeson got a 10 percent raise, bringing her salary to $374,000, while general counsel Jerome Cochran, chief financial officer Arthur Ramicone, and trustees secretary Jean Ferketish all received a 3.8 percent raises. Their salaries now range from $493,000 to $216,000. Arthur Levine, dean of the School of Medicine, got a 3.3 percent raise, bringing his salary to $787,500.


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Former Penn State President Graham Spanier wants a judge to loosen his bail rules to make it easier for him to travel outside Pennsylvania and overseas. Spanier is accused of covering up complaints about Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant football coach convicted of sexually abusing boys. Spanier’s request filed last month says he wants to visit his second home in New York City and relatives in Iowa and Chicago. He says work on educational projects requires travel to New York and New Jersey, and he has “continuing contact” with officials in Washington. Spanier wants his passport back for foreign travel to a relative’s wedding, to his father’s hometown in Germany, and to the United Kingdom for work. State prosecutors say the requests should be considered on a case-by-case basis.


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – A state representative from central Pennsylvania is raising money for a holiday present for a former high-ranking House Republican serving prison time for public corruption. Rep. Garth Everett said he emailed fellow House Republicans on Monday because the case has “wreaked havoc” on the finances of former state Rep. Brett Feese, his predecessor in a Lycoming County district. Everett says he’s received some donations, which will be added to Feese’s account at Waymart State Prison in northeastern Pennsylvania. Everett says Feese didn’t know about the request, and will probably be annoyed to learn about it. Feese was convicted a year ago of all 40 counts against him. His case involved using public money to hire out-of-state consultants and having legislative workers develop computer software to aid campaign efforts.


CONNELLSVILLE, Pa. (AP) – A southwestern Pennsylvania school district is defending a Ten Commandments monument on school grounds by arguing that it’s not promoting any one religion and was the gift of a secular fraternal organization. Attorneys for the Connellsville Area School District have covered the monument in plywood until a federal lawsuit filed by the Wisconsin-based atheist group, the Freedom From Religion Foundation, is resolved. The school is about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. School attorneys say in a document seeking to have the federal lawsuit dismissed that the monument was one of hundreds donated to schools by local chapters of the Fraternal Order of Eagles in the late 1950s. They say it’s adorned with other symbols, including an American flag and two Stars of David, and doesn’t endorse any particular religion but rather “moral and historical ideals.”


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NEW YORK (AP) – Stocks ended little changed Tuesday as investors waited for developments from Washington on “fiscal cliff” budget talks. The Dow fell nearly 14 points, or 0.1 percent, to finish at 12,952. The S&P 500 dropped 2 points to close at 1,407. The Nasdaq was down nearly 6 points to 2,997. The key averages are down about 0.5 percent for the trading week so far.


BANGKOK (AP) – Asian stock markets rose today as investors became increasingly convinced that U.S. political leaders will reach a budget deal that avoids a major hit to the world’s No. 1 economy. Chinese shares soared on hopes for more stimulus measures. Negotiations between the White House and the U.S. Congress have been revving up in recent days in order to reach a deal aimed at averting the so-called fiscal cliff, which is a series of sharp government spending cuts and tax increases that begin to kick in Jan. 1 and could cause a recession. Despite political posturing and a deep divide on critical issues, most analysts think a deal acceptable to both President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans will be cobbled together before the end of the year. Benchmark crude oil rose but remained below $89 per barrel. The dollar fell against the euro but rose against the yen.


WASHINGTON (AP) – On today’s economic calendar, the Labor Department releases third-quarter productivity data. In addition, the Commerce Department releases October factory orders. In addition, the Institute for Supply Management reports on the status of the service sector for November.


WASHINGTON (AP) – The Senate has voted for a sweeping, $631 billion defense bill that calls for accelerating the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan and tightens sanctions on Iran. The vote was 98-0. The legislation would authorize money for weapons, aircraft and ships and provide a 1.7 percent pay raise for military personnel. After a decade of increasing Pentagon budgets, the vote came against the backdrop of significant reductions in projected military spending and the threat of deeper cuts from the so-called fiscal cliff of automatic reductions. The Obama administration has threatened to veto the measure, citing limits on the president’s authority to handle terror suspects. The Senate must reconcile its version with the legislation the House passed in May. Lawmakers have just a few weeks to produce a final bill.


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Pennsylvania Lottery Numbers


HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – These Pennsylvania lotteries were drawn Tuesday:


Cash 5



Evening Big 4



Evening Daily Number



Evening Quinto



Mega Millions

03-19-24-32-43, Mega Ball: 44





Midday Big 4



Midday Daily Number



Midday Quinto



Treasure Hunt



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NEW YORK (AP) – Bob Costas isn’t backing down from his halftime comments on gun violence, but he wishes he had more time. The NBC sportscaster gave interviews Tuesday to Dan Patrick and Lawrence O’Donnell about his Sunday night halftime commentary following Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher’s murder of his girlfriend and subsequent suicide. Both interviews were longer than the commentary itself. Costas said domestic violence, football, the gun culture and possible substance abuse could have been factors in the tragedy. He said the availability of a gun wasn’t the only issue, but he didn’t have more time for a nuanced discussion Sunday. Costas received some criticism for injecting politics into a sporting event.


SAN FRANCISCO (AP) – San Francisco lawmakers have given final approval to an ordinance that makes it illegal for residents and visitors to bare their genitals in most public places. The city’s Board of Supervisors voted 7-4 Tuesday in favor of the ban that was introduced in response to a group of nudists that regularly gathers in the city’s predominantly gay Castro District. Mayor Edwin Lee is expected to sign the measure, which is scheduled to go into effect Feb. 1. Opponents already have brought a lawsuit seeking to get it overturned on free speech grounds. Offenders of the law would face fines and possible jail time for multiple violations. Exceptions would be made for permitted events such as the city’s gay pride parade and the Bay-to-Breakers street race.


FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) – How cold is it in North Pole, Alaska? Too cold for the ice sculptors. The town in the Fairbanks area will host the Christmas in Ice festival this weekend. However, temperatures of 40 below zero are making it tough on the ice artists. It’s so cold tools are breaking and electric cords are snapping. It’s also too cold for the ice. Christmas in Ice chairman Keith Frye says ice becomes brittle at 20 below. He tells the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner one carver had a wing on his angel break. The ice sculptor had to bring the ice wing inside to warm up before gluing it back together.


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