Legislative breakfast: state of public schools


LEWISBURG–  What is the state of the public schools in our region? The Great Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce held a joint legislative breakfast on Friday to address that topic.

Featured speakers at the event included John Callahan from the PA School Board Association, Selinsgrove Superintendent Chad Cohrs, and Dr. Mark DiRocco, Superintendent at Lewisburg Area School District. Healthcare and pension costs are some of the main issue facing public schools.


Superintendent, DiRocco spoke about pension cost on Lewisburg Area School District. He said, “Our cost has increased by $800,000 over the last five years, and that is projected to go up probably another $700,000 to $800,000 unless there is some kind of change at the state level.”


He also spoke about Common Core Standards, how society is changing, and how children’s skill sets are different today.


DiRocco, who supports Common Core, believes we need a nationwide standard to compete with other countries. He explained, “I believe our nation as a whole needs the same set of standards to teach to. Our international counterparts that outperform us all have a common core, they all have a national set of standards that they teach to. That doesn’t dictate to us how we teach, but it does dictate to us what we teach, and what’s important for the kids to know, and what’s important for the kids to learn.”


The Pennsylvania Common Core will be implemented this coming 2014-2015 school year and this spring, the standardized testing will be based on PA Core standards. ( Sarah Lagerman)

Legislative breakfast



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