Legislature talking liquor on Monday in Harrisburg

HARRISBURG — State representatives head to work on Monday in Harrisburg, ready to discuss whether or not to privatize Pennsylvania’s liquor system. Governor Tom Corbett and some House Republicans are pushing forward with a plan to make it happen, but the proposal is facing opposition from both Democrats and Republicans.


The Governor’s plan would auction off 1,200 liquor licenses across the state and beer and wine would be available in pharmacies and grocery stores. Convenience stores would also be able to seel beer. Box stores and beer distributors will be able to sell both beer and wine and they can also apply for a license to sell liquor.


Opponents of the plan are worried about giving up control of both the retail and wholesale side of the business. Also, the union representing 4,000 state workers who work at the liquor stores is also opposed to the privatization plan. (Ali Stevens)




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