Lewisburg board member doesn’t want a new school

LEWISBURG – With a budget vote looming on Thursday for the 2012-2013 school year, one school board member in Lewisburg says she does not want to build a new high school in the district. Dr. Mary Howe was a recent guest on WKOK’s On The Mark program and talked about the Lewisburg High School.


Howe said, “We have a great high school. The question is do we need to move the high school, because that’s the current plan. My clear answer to that has been consistently no. We’ve got probably the best location in Union County.”


Howe says she is in the minority when it comes to her opinion. She said, “The board has voted consistently that we are going to move forward with an existing master facilities plan. But, it’s designed in such a way that the board has to approve money expenditures on a yearly budget, so basically that question gets revisited each year that we vote on a budget.”


A budget vote is set for Thursday at the Donald Eichorn Middle School. Howe believes instead of putting money into capital projects, the money should go to programs and teachers. She said, “I would love to be able to put money into our existing high school and improve the facility. But, it’s absolutely clear to me that our teachers are the most valuable, they make the most valuable contributions to our students.”


You can hear more from board member Dr. Mary Howe on Thursday’s On The Mark program at www.wkok.com. The board is expected to vote Thursday to raise real estate taxes up to 3.5 percent to make up for a deficit of about $600,000. (Ali Stevens)


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