Lewisburg Chorus in D.C. today

LEWISBURG — The Lewisburg Area High School Chorus has something to sing about tonight — in Washington D.C. The U.S. Department of the Interior recently chose Lewisburg to perform at the 2012 National Christmas Tree Music Program at a park adjacent to the White House tonight at 8p.m.

Hannah Koss, an alto in the chorus, said, “It’s a big deal. It’s a big opportunity. It’s a privilege so we are real excited and we realize that we have to know our music better than usual and memorize it all.”

The group is exploring museums for the first part of their trip, then practicing and performing for thousands of visitors viewing the National Christmas Tree.

Jacob Zeigler, a tenor, said the songs they will perform tonight are unique.  He said, “We have a couple religious ones and a couple secular ones. We have the classic Christmas ones you hear on the radio and then some Hanukah ones too. It’s a pretty good variety.”

Choral Director David Jennings said being chosen to perform is very exciting. They took three buses to D.C., to carry the 100 students within the chorus, as well as the 57 parents that volunteered to come along.  Lewisburg will be representing Pennsylvania as they perform along with groups from across the country. The performance is scheduled for 8p.m. tonight in Washington D.C. (Codi Jade)



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