Line painting begins on roadways

SUNBURY –  Have you gotten stuck behind a slow-moving line painting truck yet?  PennDOT has announced today their crews are starting the task of painting 120,000 miles of traffic lines across the state.


PennDOT’s 21 paint crews begin to apply the 700,000 gallons of white paint a 1-million gallons of yellow paint once temperatures warm to above 50 degrees.  Traffic lines are repainted on most state roadways once a year because vehicle traffic, winter precipitation, and winter maintenance activities wear away the paint’s visibility. Interstates are typically repainted twice a year due to higher traffic volumes.


Lines are painted day or night depending on air and surface temperatures as well as humidity.  Heated to 110 degrees Fahrenheit, the paint dries in as little as 90 seconds.


PennDOT urges motorists to use caution and follow at least 250 feet behind line painting equipment.  While the trucks may move slowly, the line painting is done for your safety.  Fresh, bright lines increase visibility for motorists.  (Codi Jade)




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