VIDEO HERE: Live music this summer in Cameron Park

Live music in Cameron Park:

SUNBURY—You can enjoy live music on a summer evening in Sunbury. Cameron Park’s weekly Music in the Park took place on Tuesday night with the band Past Country playing.

Past Country consist of Spike Stom and Jim McClincy. McClincy, who is a retired postman, talked about why they like performing in the park saying, “We wanted to be just a couple of good old boys sitting on the back porch playing and that’s what we do. We are just here to have a good time.”

Jim and Spike were not the only ones having a good time in the park on Tuesday. Malcolm Derk of Sunbury was in attendance watching the band with his wife. Derk said, “We just were going to take the dog for a walk and we heard the music so we thought we would come up here and give it a shot.”

McClincy talked about the variety of music he performs with Past County saying, “When I play in some local venues I try to do a mix of folk music, a blend of country music and some soft rock. Those type of things I like to blend it all and try to do a show that I can touch on music that almost everyone will like.”

Many spectators were out in the park enjoying the live entertainment. Music in the Park takes place every Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. in Cameron Park. Next week’s performance is actually Jim McClincy again, this time by himself as Jim “The Singing Mailman” McClincy. Some other upcoming artist playing in the park includes the Ann Kerstetter Band, Billy Dee & Rosie, and Smooth Country. (Sarah Lagerman)






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