Local birders to participate in Christmas Bird Count

birdUNDATED – It is known as the oldest citizens’ science program in the world.  The Audubon puts on the Christmas Bird Count; hundreds of thousands of birders around the world keep track of the birds they see.

The count runs from December 14-January 5 and Vice President of the local Seven Mountains Audubon Allen Schweinsberg says they will be doing theirs Saturday.  “We’ll have about 40 people out in the Christmas count circle and they can do all the birding they want from midnight to midnight.  It has become quite a tradition here since 1949, and has been a tradition nationally since 1900.”

Schweinsberg says the collection of data is very important and informative.  “The National Audubon Society now has about 112 years of data.  They keep track of party hours, effort.  It becomes fairly decent data over the years.”

He says the data collected helps monitor early winter bird populations and gives an indication about the health of the environment.  For more information on you can contact Schweinsberg at aschwein@bucknell.edu, and visit www.sevenmountainsaudubon.org and www.audubon.org.  The next meeting of the Seven Mountains Audubon is Wednesday in the Kelly Township Municipal Building. (Sara Bartlett)



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