Local chaplain discusses gay marriage

UNDATED – As the U.S. Supreme Court mulls the decision of gay marriage, many people have been expressing their opinions on the topic.  Chaplain at Susquehanna University, Mark Radecke, says he only looks at the issue from a theological standpoint.

“I don’t see any barrier to the love of two people of the same gender witnessing that kind of faithfulness of the love of Christ for His church than in the case of a heterosexual couple,” says Radecke.  “In some cases, given the odds that are stacked against the gay and lesbian members of our community, maybe there is even more of a witness of faithfulness, commitment and perseverance.”

Radecke says he would prefer that every marriage be considered a civil union in the United States.  “Then, if you are a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim, and you want to go to your pastor, priest, rabbi or spiritual advisor and have whatever that community considers marriage, you go there and have that blessing.”  Radecke says if the state were just interested in civil unions, it would free the religious communities to act according their own theology practices. (Sara Bartlett)


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