Local expert believes Obamacare will catch on

SUNBURY – A local expert believes the Affordable Care Act, while slow to catch on, will eventually be an accepted way of life.  Brandn Green, director of Place Studies at the Bucknell University Environmental Center, says the implementation of Obamacare is going over in the same way social security and Medicare first did.

Green said, “To put in a social provision of this scale is fairly complex.  So, my guess is, that there will be some changes made and they’ll work that stuff out in the next 3 to 5 months.  In 2 to 3 years this will sort of be an entirely normal part of life and people will realize how cumbersome and at times very ineffective the prior system was before the reform.”

Green said over 100,000 people have been able to enroll on the federal site.  He said while website issues still exist, they are seeing steady improvement.  “When people are reacting to it, they are reacting to very small, specific things that are kind of annoying.  People are not rejecting the idea of individuals who have preexisting conditions being able to get insurance, or women not being charged more than men.  Some of the main provisions in the law I think people are really happy with.  So, my guess is, once you start to work through the kinks, people will really start to benefit from those changes.”

Green was a guest on WKOK Sunrise Wednesday.  You can hear that interview here.  (Codi Jade)




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