Local official reacts after Texas DA murder

LEWISBURG — Following the tragic shooting death of a district attorney and his wife in Texas, a local district attorney is talking about the safety of the profession.  Pete Johnson is district attorney in Union County.  “It is normally not something in the forefront of our minds unless there are circumstances or events that happen in a case where there are legitimate concerns.  Otherwise, I pretty much go through a normal day case by case.  That does not mean I am not prudent, but I do not want to be overwhelmed by fear.  I would not be able to do my job effectively.”

Johnson says he, and many DAs he knows, have received legitimate threats throughout their career.  “We may arm ourselves for that time period, alert family members and alert police during a time like that.”

Johnson says his heart goes out to Texas, the family, friends of District Attorney Mike McLelland, and his wife Cynthia who were shot to death at their home.  “This is a devastating event to the families, the county and the state of Texas.  I can’t imagine what they are going through”

Police are continuing the investigation of that double-murder, and the investigation of the murder of McLelland’s assistant district attorney Mark Hasse in January. (Sara Bartlett)





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