Local pastor talks “the real cost of food”

SUNBURY — A local pastor believes that what you put in is what you get out, but what you pay is more deceiving.  Pastor Andrew Weaver, of Mount Pleasant Mills, has been on a journey to eat healthier.  He said through this process, he’s discovered a lot about food and the real cost of it.


Weaver said, “The truth is, that we are putting the real farmer out of business and paying a giant international conglomerate.  I just think that the free market is a lie.  You know, the Farm Bill benefits billionaires.  The Farm Bill doesn’t benefit the vegetable farmer, at all.”


Weaver said he is not an anti-capitalist, but he can see why people don’t trust corporate influence on food.  “One of my main issues with all of this is, we set up a system that favors five commodity crops.  We subsidize them and hide the real cost.  So you are already paying for them through your tax dollars,” he said.


Pastor Weaver has a blog website about his lifestyle transformation.  You can find that at www.doughboytoironman.com.  He was a guest on WKOK’s On the Mark program on Thursday.  You can hear that program online at www.WKOK.com.  (Codi Jade)





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