Local professor discusses Olympic controversy

SUNBURY – The Olympics are now underway in Sochi, Russia, but talk surrounding the games doesn’t necessarily focus on the sporting events. Dr. Walter Brasch, retired journalism professor from Bloomsburg University, said a lot of talk is about the selection of Sochi hosting the Olympics.


Dr. Brasch said, “I think Russia has gone out of its way to to propagandize the Olympics. It’s sort of a return to its own grandeur saying how wonderful they are. They selected a city that’s not even a winter city. It’s a tropical city along the Black Sea that is a tourist area.”


He said, “They had seven years to prepare for the Olympics and we are still seeing that the roads are not completed, water was still undrinkable as of yesterday in many of the hotels, and some of the athletes have publicly complained about the safety of the courses.”


There is also controversy surrounding policies in Russia. Dr. Brasch said, “They put 100,000 guards around the city to prepare against the terror attacks. They are shooting stray dogs because they don’t think stray dogs give it the right look. And of course, the gay issue. World leaders are boycotting the Olympics, including President Obama, because of an extreme amount of hatred toward gays in Russia, fostered by Putin.”


Dr. Brasch said Vladimir Putin is trying to make people believe how great Russia is. He says propaganda does not fit when it comes to a sporting event. You can hear more of Dr. Brasch’s comments on WKOK Sunrise online at www.wkok.com. (Ali Stevens)




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