Local professor explains Affordable Care Act

LEWISBURG — A Bucknell sociology professor is presenting free public talks about the Affordable Care Act, not as an advocate, but to help the public better understand the health care overhaul. Carl Milhofsky says he and another professor are presenting the talks at local libraries, with the first one taking place this evening at Mifflinburg’s Herr Memorial Library at 7:15 p.m.


Milhofsky says today marks the first time people can shop for insurance. He said, “The most important thing is that people can register today. The plan doesn’t actually go into effect until January 1st. On January 1st, people can sign up for health insurance on the insurance exchanges.


He also explained that those who already have insurance can also look at their options. Milhofsky explained, “Most of the people who could go to exchange and might benefit will be people who work for employers who historically tried to provide them with insurance, but just have found that it’s so expensive that they have had to provide a very restrictive menu of benefits through their insurance.”


He continued, “Some of the employers are going to find that their carriers are going to make insurance available to their employees in 2014 because one of the things about the Affordable Care Act is a list of minimal medical benefits that have to be provided.”


Milhofsy said the presentation he is giving is certified by the PA Health Access Network, which is a statewide coalition of organizations working to protect quality health insurance coverage for individuals and businesses. He was a guest on WKOK Sunrise on Tuesday. (Ali Stevens)




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