Local professor impacted by Ukrainian tensions

BLOOMSBURG — As tensions escalate in Ukraine, a Bloomsburg University professor says he is constantly following the news.  Mykola Polyuha is assistant professor of Russian and German at Bloomsburg University.  He was born in Ukraine when it was still part of the Soviet Union and lived there until the year 2000.


He says the news is personal, “A few days ago when there were shootings, I was very worried about my friends and my colleagues,” Polyuka said.  “In fact, one of my acquaintances was killed in one of the streets in Kiev… I couldn’t believe it.  That person was very young, just 28-years-old, and just started working at a university… It is just unbelievable.”


He said he is feeling a bit of relief now that the old government has stepped down.  He said there was lots of corruption under president Viktor Yanukovych, “I would like to thank people in the United States and in the western hemisphere for the support of the Ukrainian opposition.  That was tremendous support.  It was largely due to that support that Ukrainian opposition has a chance to change the country.”


Polyuha said it is hard to determine what might happen next, as there is still support for the old government in the eastern part of Ukraine — as well as the support of Vladimir Putin.  Ukraine’s parliament today selected Arseniy Yatsenyuk as its new prime minister.  Yanukovych has been given refuge in Russia.  (Codi Jade)


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