VIDEO HERE: Susquehanna River Cleanup

SUNBURY—Locals are taking steps to clean up the Susquehanna River. Saturday’s 2nd annual Susquehanna River Cleanup Project brought in almost 100 participants and several local businesses concerned for the integrity of the river. Talia Zangari of These Guys’ Kayaks said her company was eager to donate boats and manpower to help restore the historic waterway.

“I feel like the river has this terrible reputation around here and I’ve spent my whole life growing up near the river, but to be able to have a hand in helping it—I think if more people could see that they could do that then less people would talk about how terrible the river is.”

Founder Zach Stotter expressed plans to turn the project into a non-profit charity. He said that the community’s enthusiastic involvement played no small role in turning his AmeriCorps project into a countywide initiative. Stotter detailed his shared passion for the Susquehanna River.

“The river is such a beautiful thing here and I think we need to take care of it. You know, it’s a resource—it’s a good way to draw people to the area and we’ve got to show that we care about it as much as we say everyone else should.”

Volunteers last year recovered 500lbs of scrap metal along with garbage, recyclables, and discarded tires. Participants in the event doubled this year in a comparable trash pull that yielded a whole refrigerator and an abandoned boat. Stotter said uniting the community in a common goal to preserve one of Pennsylvania’s most important natural resources makes the effort worthwhile. He said it takes everyone working together to ‘make the river what it can be.’ For more information go here. (Carrie Haines)

Watch more from the cleanup here:






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