Local resident says no to gun control

SUNBURY – As the White House hears this week from gun groups, victims’ organizations and others on how the nation can curb gun violence, some still feel gun control is not needed. Dave Decoteau of Danville is owner of Riverside Adventure Company and voiced his opinion on gun control on WKOK’s On The Mark program.


Decoteau said, “For one, it’s not really addressing the school shooting situation since there has been all different types of guns. There’s been all different kinds of ways guns have been obtained. There’s also been situations where they’ve used bombs. In Japan they used a samurai sword. I guess my concern is are we getting off topic when it comes to school shootings if we are going to go down that road of gun control.”


Decoteau said gun control may not be related to mass shootings. He said, “I don’t really think it’s a gun control problem. I think it’s a behavior control problem. It seems to me there might be local solutions. What they do in Washington D.C. seems to not work. To pass a federal level mandate on clips and assault rifles seems to be this one-size-fits-all magic bullet type of solution that I don’t’ think is going to work.”


You can hear more from Decoteau and Ed Quiggle, a constable in Northumberland County on their views on gun laws from Tuesday’s On The Mark program, posted online at www.wkok.com. After last month’s school massacre in Newtown, Conn., President Barack Obama has directed Vice President Joe Biden to lead a task force to come up with proposals for future legislation. (Ali Stevens)




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