Local residents enjoy the “Big Game” live

SUNBURY — Two local residents attended the Super Bowl Sunday in New Orleans after winning a contest. Tom Mertz is the owner of Sunbury Motors and his Hyundai dealership won a customer service satisfaction contest, so he and his wife Liz were treated to a trip to the big game. He said it was quite an experience.


Mertz said, “The venue was great. It was the first time I have ever been to the Super Bowl or the Superdome. We were between the five and ten yardline on the first level up, so we had pretty good seats. It was a great game and we were very fortunate to be there.”


Mertz explained what the power outage was like inside the stadium. He said, “Pretty much half of the field was dark, so it wasn’t pitch black. We were wondering, like everybody else, when the game was going to start again. It prolonged it, that’s for sure. It got the 49ers back in the game.”


Mertz said they were not sure who they would be rooting for, since they like both teams, but decided before kick-off to root for the Ravens, so the finish was very exciting. (Ali Stevens)




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