Local reverend talks about Holy Week

UNDATED — While Sunday is a time for family and fellowship, it is important to remember the real meaning of Easter.

Reverend Mark Radecke is chaplain at SusquehannaUniversity says there is a particular kind of remembering that comes with the Holy Week called anamnesis.  “That is just a fancy term for an active remembering.  For example, on Good Friday when Christians sing …”were you there when they crucified my Lord…” the obvious answer is no.  However, in the representation of things, Jesus Christ has risen today.  We represent and He is truly present again.”

Meanwhile, the recently appointed Pope Francis is celebrating Easter for the first time as leader of the Catholics.  Radecke says he is pleased with the selection.  “Coming out into the crowd, being a public persona, I think this is really a representation of who he really is.  I think that sets an extraordinarily helpful tone for the Catholic Church.”

Radecke calls Holy Week, and particularly Thursday through Sunday, an absolutely magnificent and unique week to relive the events of Jesus’ trial and resurrection. (Sara Bartlett)

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