Looking into cutting elected officials salaries

SUNBURY – Two Northumberland County Commissioners have voted in favor of the idea of lowering salaries and cutting health benefits for elected officials in an effort to save county taxpayers millions of dollars. Commissioners Vinny Clausi and Stephen Bridy voted to study the idea, which would cut salaries by up to 71 percent in some cases.


Bridy made the motion and Vinny Clausi said he was happy to look into it. Commissioner Rick Shoch voted against the measure, saying he wasn’t made aware of the idea prior to the meeting and felt the motion was brought up last minute.


Currently, the county commissioners are paid $61,000 annually, plus benefits. If the cuts go through, they would only make about $18,000 annually with no medical benefits. Commissioner Bridy said if his idea is approved, they could save millions. (Ali Stevens)




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