Low voter turnout in The Valley

UNDATED – One local official was disappointed by the low voter turnout Tuesday during the primary election.  Snyder County Commissioner Peggy Chamberlain-Roup says she is surprised more people do not come out to vote during local elections.  “In this country, we don’t have armed guards at our polls; we don’t have voter intimidation at the polls.  We try very hard to be inclusive.  The numbers of voter registration is shameful as well.”

Voter turnout throughout The Valley was low.  “I would think that you would be talking over your back fence about your neighbor who is running for a township or county position,” says Chamberlain-Roup.  “I’m appalled that they don’t turn out for the municipal, but they turn out for the presidential.”

What has increased over the years in Pennsylvania is the number of voters who have switched from a main political party to another party or an independent.  Cindy O’Hora of Selinsgrove says she is an independent and therefore is denied the right to vote in the primary.  “I understand that democrats and republicans don’t want people like me to vote in the primary, but then don’t send me a bill for it.”

Pennsylvania is one of seventeen states that have closed primary elections.  It means only democrats and republicans can vote, but leaves all taxpayers footing the bill. (Sara Bartlett)


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